Lower East Side Psychotherapy

My Practice

It’s not easy to find a therapist. I hope that what I tell you about me and the way I work, will make it easier to reach out.

I work to help people resolve anxiety and depression, particularly in the context of eating problems, self-esteem, body image, and relational difficulties. I’m down to earth, easy to talk to, non-judgmental and extremely interactive. I work to minimize and eliminate the shame and self-anger people frequently feel about themselves and their lives. I create a safe, comfortable environment for individual or couples counseling.

My own artistic background provides an empathic understanding for creatively driven individuals. I work with artists, of all levels and fields, to help them overcome self-doubt and creative blocks. By raising awareness of those critical voices that paralyze the creative process, I help individuals understand and challenge the self-doubt and self-criticism that interfere with their goals. I enable people of all backgrounds, identities and lifestyles believe in their own gifts and unique perspectives. As an active participant in treatment, I offer guidance, support, and the tools you’ll need to make change happen. I believe in the human capacity for growth. Working together, within a positive therapeutic alliance, tomorrow can be significantly better than today.

My special training with eating disorders, trauma/abuse, and illness management and is particularly useful and relevant in my work with women. In addition, my art background enables me to help clients who struggle with their own creative blocks. My clients determine their challenges and ultimately set their own course. I provide skills and tools to manage and/or overcome fears and obstacles. I am an active participant in your effort to improve your life. I have a profound respect for those who are willing to work on themselves and their lives to make tomorrow better than today.